Availability 3pm - 8pm

April 2018

24 hours (at least) notice needed to ensure an appointment.

Beginners, intermediates and experienced all welcome.

First time visitors to my dungeon are limited to 2 hour sessions.

Priority given to those who have visited before and email enquiries.

Same day bookings may be available but are rare.

Available 7 days a week every week of the month.

Please note changed hours of availability.Available:

NOT taking on new clients until 

3.30pm - 8pm (start times) Friday 13th April 2018, do send in your application email.

If you have visited me before and are a regular, you will be prioritised in April 2018.

April 2018

3.30pm - 8pm (start time) Friday 13th April 2018
3.30pm - 8pm (start time) Sunday 15th April 2018

3pm - 8pm (start time) Thursday 19th April 2018
6pm - 8pm (start time) Friday 20th April 2018
3pm - 8pm (start time) Saturday 21st April 2018
3pm - 8pm (start time) Sunday 22nd April 2018

3pm - 8pm (start time) Friday 27th April 2018
3pm - 8pm (start time) Saturday 28th April 2018
3pm - 8pm (start time) Sunday 29th April 2018
3pm - 8pm (start time) Monday 30th April 2018

Cannot book May 2018 until my family trip is organised.

Monday through Saturday.

Book EARLY To Avoid Disappointment! 

Plus Sunday evenings by request REGULARS ONLY.

All cancelled appointments/same day availability are posted here.

Mobile telephone switched on at 2pm every day.

Please Note Hours of Business during 2018

Available 3pm - 8pm with a 9pm, 9.30pm, 10pm finish.

Overnight by special arrangement (after a 1st visit).

Email for a short application questionnaire to assess compatibility and ensure consensual sessions: