Activities I Won't Engage In

Due to Covid 19 (SARS-CoV-2 Coronavirus)
the following will NOT be available
due to infection control and hygiene measures

X Full-length horizontal cage unavailable
X Vertical bondage frame unavailable
X High backed bondage chair (you need to request this) unavailable
X Fetters Standing Prison Cage Lockable unavailable
X Trampling Table unavailable

X 5. For Metal or Leather Bondage or Caging and Confinement ONLY (no other BDSM activities) unavailable
X 7. Farmed Insect Feeding (Humiliation) unavailable

X Anal Figging unavailable
X Electro Anal dildos unavailable

X Unusual bondage materials unavailable
X No Gags, Nose Hook / Shackle, Blindfold, or Hoods.
X Do not bring your own, Mistress Adara will not apply it.

X Over The Knee CP unavailable
X Sensual / Teasing - Sensation Play / Skin Stimulation / Tie and Tease unavailable

X Electro Urethral Dilation unavailable
X Cupping including Electro unavailable

X Face slapping, spitting, hair pulling unavailable
X Collar and leash training unavailable
X Human Furniture - in Restraints or 'Willing Victim' unavailable
X Boot Worship / Licking and Leg / Stocking Worship / Massage / Licking unavailable

Activities I Won't Engage In

  • Anything Illegal - the harm or sexual abuse of Children, Animals or Blackmail and Kidnap.
  • Excessive /Bloodletting / cutting.
  • Rubber bondage equipment or clothing (do not be so silly at these hourly rates it is unaffordable plus I do not have the storage room). Please bring your own.
  • Sexual/Intimate Activity - Nudity on My part, Bottom/Body/Breast/Clit/Any Other Body Part Worship, Rimming, Face Sitting (even in knickers), Queening, a Dominant Mistress is not a sex worker.
  • Public Humiliation - The general public has not consented.
  • Double Domming - A premises with more than two people working in it at any one time, even if not at the same time, is a brothel. 
  • A premises doesn't need to include sex or cash to be considered a brothel under current laws.
  • Poppers / Amyl Nitrate or any form of drugs/alcohol.
  • Scat or Golden Showers. Toilet Training.
  • Breath Play.
  • Foot worship.
  • No Strap-On harness (handheld dildos only).
  • No forced bi training.
  • No suspension (due to ceiling height).
  • No clothing wigs shoes make up for sissies (bring your own knickers, hold ups, babydolls).

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