2019 Rates

£100 or £110 (for anal or needles) for an unhurried hour one on one with Mistress Adara.

Great value when in that 1 hour you could have in excess of £750 worth of equipment used on you.

Sessions can be extended by half hour £50 or hourly blocks - 2nd hour £100, 3rd hour £80.

Previous Rates started from £120 - £150 for an unhurried first hour with Me in My private dungeon.

Summer 2019 Only Offer

Meteorological Seasons: Winter 1 December - 28 February, Spring 1 March - 31 May, Summer 1 June - 31 August, Autumn 1 September - 30 November.

A 2-hour special rate in my dungeon of any activity (except anal training or needle play piercing (temporary) or medical stapling (temporary) due to the expense of the consumables) For ONLY £150 (save £50 on the standard 2-hour rate)

For anal training or needle play piercing (temporary) or medical stapling (temporary) included ONLY £170 (save £30 on the standard 2-hour rate)


The Tremblr is an artificial mouth, anus or vagina.

High-quality adjustable Tremblr Milking Machine (male masturbator) suitable for bound males desperate for orgasm relief. Beg eloquently enough. 3 sizes of cock receivers.

Bondage: Position: flat on your back Using: satin ties, stockings, leather, mummification or metal. (No other BDSM activities).

For ONLY £70 per hour. (save £30 on the standard 1-hour rate)

See Blog Post


For Metal or Leather Bondage or Caging and Confinement ONLY

(no other BDSM activities)

A minimum of 2 hours at ONLY £50 per hour.

7 or 8 hours (full day) at ONLY £40 per hour. (Deposit of half required)

9 hours - 21 hours ONLY £100 for the 1st hour, REDUCED TO £30 per hour thereafter. By Special Arrangement ONLY (Deposit of half required)

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