Testimonial 2013 by slave Bagpuss

Mistress Adara is just plain wicked, simple as. That wickedness shines through when she is being 'inventive' (and she can be very inventive). As if she doesn't know enough, when she gets an idea, she researches it, refines it, and then perfects it upon her 'victim', and all the time with a smile on her face and chuckling away at your suffering and her successes.

My last visit showed this all too well, as she played away with her new guinea pig. There was not a bit of me that was not restrained in some way at some stage, and or pegged and tormented. Cruelly, even my tackle didn't escape (literally), and never got the chance to 'swing free' or even 'accidentally?? rub' against anything to allow it some sensation, and even when i was on my hands and knees for a 'new' tie with knees spread a bit, the 'tackle' was 'pegged' and tied to my thighs, held firmly in the middle of nowhere. And all the while, her smile was there, as she slowly upped the torment & suffering which she so clearly enjoys inflicting.

Review Bagpuss Spreader Bar &  Rope Predicament Bondage with Mawa Clamps 24 9 13.jpg

Roll on for my next visit, Mistress is addictive, and will have you hooked (maybe literally).

September 2013, Slave Bagpuss