The Scavenger's Daughter

 001 Scavenger's daughter full length.jpg

 Photo of B. Applied with a leather hood, and Fetters metal bondage ball mittens.

 The Scavenger's Daughter was conceived as the perfect complement to the Duke of Exeter's Daughter (the rack) because it worked the opposite principle to the rack by compressing the body rather than stretching it. This device was invented by the Lieutenant of the Tower of London during the reign of King Henry VIII of England (1509-1547). The name of the Lieutenant of the Tower of London during this period was Leonard Skevington (aka Leonard Skeffington). A derivation of his name led to the device he initiated, or was the father of - the Scavengers Daughter although it was first referred to as Skeffington's Irons. The device consisted of one single iron bar that connected iron shackles closing round the victim's hands, feet and neck. This rack positioned the head to the knees of the victim in a sitting position. It compressed the body as to force the blood from the nose and ears.

It is also known as Skevington's gyves, as iron shackle, as the Stork (as in Italian cicogna) or as Spanish A-frame. Further, it is known as Skevington's daughter, from which the more commonly known folk etymology using "Scavenger" is derived.

My submissive chauffeur collected this on Saturday 18th June 2011. This is an exact replica (in size and weight of the Tower of London original).

Who dares to be subjected to this torture? £100 for the maximum time of 2 hours.

 10 Martha secured in the Scavenger's Daughter with anal plug & electro Twitter.jpg

Photo & Review by M on Monday 16th July 2018 with metal A torture gag, anal plug, and genital electrics.

 “ I had a totally different idea about being in Mistress Adara's Scavenger's Daughter than actually, this exhilarating experience proved to be. As a total submissive and a pain slut, I have been looking for exactly this level of uncomfortable immobilisation experience which was unexpectedly immense.

I had been ordered to undress and sit on the padded bondage board with hands and legs in front of me. Even at this point, it was exhilarating as I could see what was coming next. Mistress Adara brought out the Scavenger's Daughter and started to adjust it to my height and size.

It is not a simple calibration and even fitting into the device was an experience on its own.

Once locked into the device I was also chained securely to a wall by Mistress Adara, the first few minutes in the device felt as I was assuming: immobile and confined.

But after 10 minutes, I started to feel very uncomfortable and the pain in my back and neck plus the metal round mitten on my hands started to do the job. I felt pain from my ankles to my neck and as much as I struggled to adjust I felt it everywhere and there was no way I could turn it off. The whole time under Mistress Adara's watchful eye. The metal had started to infringe on my wrists and ankles which caused a lot of pain, plus I had an anal plug that I have been sitting on with electrics applied to my genitals. It was immensely pleasurable and also immensely painful at all levels. Additionally, the gag that I had inserted had not allowed me to swallow saliva during the process which added to the intense agony and experience. A real experience that I will never forget and I am looking forward to being attached to this device in the near future.

It was breathtaking at all levels and for me as a masochist has ticked off all the boxes that I could have ever imagined and wondered about. ”


The previous record time is 1 hour and 27 minutes for E on Wednesday 1st August 2018 (Scavenger's Daughter only).

The current record time is 2 hours for M on Wednesday 9th January 2019 (Scavenger's Daughter with nipple clamps, ball gag, his latex hood and a blindfold).