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Booking a Session By Email ONLY

1.   My questionnaire ensures that we have a basis for pre session discussion and for me to get to know about your BDSM desires. My website and twitter feed informs you about me. You are at the moment a stranger to me.

I require you to send me an email (which will get the priority booking) or phone & speak to me, or text (will incur an extra £10 tribute) with all the answers to:

1. Have you experienced BDSM before or are you a novice?

2. Who did you experience this with, a professional or lifestyle Mistress?

3. Which of these do you identify with the most?



masochist (you can be marked)


bondage enthusiast

kink explorer


4. Which activities do you find exciting and wish to explore/which activities did you enjoy?

Be open and honest about what activities from my specialty activities section, you might like to explore with Me. If you are a novice you need to explain if it is a fantasy, or something you have read about or watched on a video.

5. Which activities do you not want to experience?

6. Which style of domination do you want, A. sensual, B.pleasure and pain or C. sadistic?

7. How old are you? (18 - no upper age limit)

8. How would you describe your physical build, height and weight? (for bondage. I am non judgemental)

9. What is your nationality? (for communication, written and verbal in English and for me to take account of language and cultural differences).

10. Do you have any health issues, heart, joints, previously broken bones, breathing, headaches, epilepsy, diabetes, various phobias, various allergies, fur etc?

11. How regularly do you session?

12. How did you discover me?

13. If you wish to arrive in chastity, try one of my play chastity devices (humiliatingly small) or strive towards being granted permission for a sexual hand relief.

A. You must be patient, there may be a delay in My response, I am a popular Mistress. I will respond to all emails when I can, we may also spend time discussing your session. You may not get an immediate session booking.

B. No withheld numbers accepted. No calls answered before 2pm weekdays or during weekends/holiday periods.

C. I need you to provide Me with notice the day before a session, to be certain of an appointment. I do accept bookings 2 hours before the session on the day but I may disappoint you.


My Mobile Number:
---- --- ----

(Non smart phone - plain text or phone calls ONLY)

Priority given to those who have visited before and email enquiries.
Do NOT text Message enquiring about live in or lifestyle positions - Email applications only.


Cancellation - if you do have to cancel a session, ensure you give Me as much notice as possible, preferably by text, email or phone call. Or I may turn down future appointments.

Preparation 1 Hour Prior to Session and Upon Arrival

1. Telephone Me one hour before your appointment time to confirm you're coming to visit Me and in the case of a first time visit for specific location details.

2. I will not tolerate lateness. My time is valuable to Me and deserves respect.

3. If you are under the influence of alcohol or drugs, I will cancel your session.

4. If you are bringing items of fetish wear or equipment, please ensure that they are covered and discreet, you do not wish to invoke the curiousity or distaste of members of the public and My neighbours.

During The Session

1. Mobile phones are to be switched off during sessions.

2. Sessions are consensual and all boundaries must be respected at all times with all persons involved. A safeword system can be used without breaking the atmosphere of a session.

3. Do not request specific activities or whether you can purchase articles or clothing during a session, when you should have done so earlier in the pre booking negotiations.